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One of the most legendary sports cars of all time is the Toyota Supra A80 series. It was made famous by significant screen time on The Fast and The Furious movie. Fans and enthusiasts have admired and enjoyed the older Supra for more than a decade. Toyota now has an excellent surprise for them. The new A90 series, 2021 Toyota Supra is here! The car is 90% done and will be launched very soon. Here is more about this icon of tracks and roads everywhere.

Exterior design

The 2021 Toyota Supra looks quite a lot like the A80 series. However, a few elements channel modern styling on the car. Its radiator has been placed quite low right in the middle of the car’s front bumper. It has a pyramid-shape and is situated such that it guarantees easy air intake. The grille is flanked by Formula 1 style vents. Thanks to this styling on its front fascia, the new Supra has a low sloping hood. This further accentuates its aerodynamics.

The headlights are slanted and have a slim LED tube running along their lower edge. Upon activating the daylight running setting, they provide enhanced visibility even in glaring sunlight. The new Supra has a coupe body style. As such, it has 2 doors. The car has side skirts and muscular shoulders. As such, its aerodynamics are designed to maximize down-force.

The car’s rear is just as stylish as its front. The sports car has a minimalist tail with angular, wrap-around rear lights. It ensures a sporty appearance with the double tail pipe setup. Sitting on 18 inch wheels, it is a glorious blast from the past.

2021 Toyota Supra
image source: autoweek.com

Interior design 2021 Toyota Supra

Seeing as the new Supra is a coupe sports car, its cabin is quite compact. Despite this, it has Recaro bucket seats that ensure driver comfort. Featuring four-point harness belts, its seats are perfect for track and road driving.

The steering wheel is inspired by Formula 1. It has a flat bottom with a collection of buttons on its spokes. They give the driver full control over the car’s various internal systems. What’s more, drivers can manipulate the transmission using paddle gear shifters.

Vehicle performance data is delivered through a vivid LED screen behind the wheel. It reports details such as speed, mileage, rev counters, engine temperature, oil temperature and mileage. It also reports fuel levels, navigation and power reserve details. More data is provided through a 10 inch panel on the center stack. This touch screen panel also allows full control over the car’s air conditioning system, infotainment and navigation. For entertainment purposes, the center stack panel is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

BMW have incorporated their iDrive system in this new Toyota sports car. Hence, the driver receives constant, consistent information about the vehicle’s engine and performance statistics. This system also provides high-tech control over the internal systems of the car. It also provides ample connectivity through media such as Bluetooth and voice control. The car has multiple USB ports for charging and data delivery.

This new car has a variety of upholstery materials available for drivers. Examples of these are Alcantara, fabric and leather. The car seats 2 passengers and maintains comfort even when tearing down the road at 200 mph.

2021 Toyota Supra
image source: thetorquereport.com

Engine Specs

Stepping away from the original 2JZ inline-six engine which powered the original A80 Supra, the new 2021 Toyota Supra is powered by a B58 engine. This powerplant is built by BMW and retains the inline-six setup. The engine directs power to the rear wheels and provides a smooth and lag-free driving experience. This engine delivers more than 300 horsepower and can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds.

The car’s suspension delivers a wheelbase to track ratio of 1.6:1.It is also fitted with carbon ceramic brakes. As such, the car handles beautifully and provides its driver with cutting edge braking. With a curb weight of only 3300 lb, it is a road legal car constructed to tear up tracks too.

Release Date, Price and Availability

The 2021 Toyota Supra will be available in 2021. The base trim of this car will cost $50,000. Extra equipment will drive up this cost dramatically.


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