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Toyota has a reputation for releasing highly capable medium duty pickup trucks. One of their most popular models in this category is the Toyota Tacoma. It has proven popular among consumers throughout the tumultuous history of the medium duty pickup truck. The Tacoma has retained its appeal through classic design and guaranteed capability. Its latest version is the 2021 Toyota Tacoma. Here is more about it.


The 2021 Toyota Tacoma has an aggressive, medium duty exterior styling. Its front fascia commands a robust and capable appearance. The front bumper is highly sculpted to accommodate pentagonal fog light scoops on both ends of the bumper. The midsection contains a black grille with horizontal splitters. Right above it is a large grille. It is made of chrome and brushed aluminum. Read about: 2021 Honda Jazz Review

With a hexagonal shape, the grille is the most pronounced section of the new Tacoma’s exterior. It sticks out forward and sits quite high. This may be a hint to the truck’s wading capabilities. The grille is flanked by a pair of LED headlights. They curve around the sides of the truck along with modern pickup truck styling trends.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign
2019 Tacoma Shown

The hood is heavily sculpted so as to accommodate the big engine inside and also add some aerodynamics to the pickup truck. The new Tacoma has some fender flares that protect the wheel well. They also make the pickup truck look tough and capable. Its side mirrors are chrome plated. They improve the aesthetic appearance of the truck and provide easier visibility.

The new Tacoma has a double-cabin setup. Its doors are sculpted and grant the truck a sporty appearance. Its rear section is just as aggressively styled as the front. The new pickup truck’s rear lights also have LED technology. They are situated high on its rear section and are larger than the previous version of the truck. Wikipedia – Tacoma

Its rear bumper is surprisingly petite in size. It also performs the dual function of increasing traction height and giving a sporty appearance to the truck. Under the truck’s rear end is a fixed tow hitch. This new pickup truck sits on large 18 inch alloy wheels that create an imposing stance for the truck.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign
2019 Toyota Tacoma shown

Interior 2021 Toyota Tacoma

The new 2021 Toyota Tacoma has received some updates on the interior as well. It has a newly-designed 4 spoke steering wheel that is equipped with tactile controls on the central section. They allow the driver to manipulate the car’s systems such as navigation, entertainment, indicators and headlights easily. This pickup has a pair of analog dials for the tachometer and rev counter.

They are separated by a 3 inch LED display that gives more information about the vehicle. This is a technological touch which grants the new pickup truck a modern appearance.
Situated high upon the central stack is an 8 inch touchscreen display. It provides the pickup truck’s occupants with easy access to the infotainment system, air conditioning settings and navigation. Occupants can also interact with technologies such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for music and video content.

The display is sandwiched between a pair of air intake vents. Underneath it are some knobs and buttons that provide extra control over the vehicle’s various systems. Its gear shifter is situated low on the mid-section and 2 cup holders are located behind it. The new Tacoma pick up is upholstered in leather. You can have it in colors such as brown, black, grey, navy and tan. It can seat 5 passengers comfortably on 2 rows. Its cabin has ample head room and gives everyone a great view of the surroundings at all times.


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Engine, Specs

This new pickup truck from Toyota is powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine. This powerplant churns out 163 horsepower. The engine delivers power to the wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission system. Furthermore, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma features part-time 4-wheel drive. The pickup delivers 18 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city, 22 mpg on the highway and an average mileage of 20 mpg.

Release Date, Price and Availability

The new 2021 Toyota Tacoma will be released in 2021. Its base trim will have a price of $24,730. With some additional options, this price can rise to $41,473.


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